Hi there…

At Scout we believe that correct Talent management is the key to the success of your business. In the world of marketing, your staff are your business. You may not hear this from many consultancies but we would much rather help you keep your valued staff than have to replace them all the time.

So how do we do this? We work in partnership with our Clients to best understand you and the individuals you need. We help you find them, and work out how best to ensure they stay and progress. As a Candidate, we like to help you with your career progression and ensure that the next move you make is the right one for you – you really are not just a number on a database to us!

All of the Scout team are ex. Agency and Client side trained marketers, as you truly can’t understand your world unless you have lived and breathed it.

We consult in Recruitment, HR, Business Growth, Leadership mentoring, Mergers & Acquisitions and Learning & Development, as these areas are key to talent management.